Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Want to run away from home !

What I have said has came true
This is nothing but the truth
In fact, I have not lied a single word
Surprised to hear me say that? It's true.
There's no point in avoiding it, so we might as well start with it.
The most ideal wedding is definitely a dream wedding run smoothly.
Before  the marriage. you  didn't tell me to live in separate house without my parents
Before marriage, I didn't promised you to live in  separate house  without my parents
Before marriage you didn't tell me that you would be in your mothers' house after our marriage
Whatever  I  have earned which has been given to you and I do not save any money for me.

I do not ask you to bring anything from  your home as a dowry  
(A dowry is a process whereby parental property is distributed to a daughter at her marriage )         
To you , your parents are more important than our family.You do not think about the well being of my parents.
If you wish, you can bring your parents to this house which belongs to us
Bring your parents  here and I would not restrict them but I wish them to be with us in this house
But we can not come to your house to live permanently and it it  is  not natural

Men are not bad animal, as you think
Who urge men to spoil the way !
Men do not ask any dowry to marry a girl
Only women are fond of asking dowry to marry their sons
They say that they have given dowry to their daughter's marriage ,
So they want to get back that dowry for their sons' marriage
I have no sisters so my parents did not like any dowry from their daughter-in-laws
All of our reasons for action are for the sake of living well
Sometimes you have to sacrifice personal desires in order to save our family and for the sake of living well
Happy Spouse, Happy House.

'A dowry is a process whereby parental property is distributed to a daughter at her marriage'

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