Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I have built a beautiful house

I have built a beautiful house for my family
but nobody lives in that home except my wife

My sons have gone from us  to their mother-in-law's home to live with his wife
I have  to go to foreign country to earn money. I have to return the money  which I have borrowed from my relatives to build my house
My wife is left alone in that newly built house

My wife wants her sons to return  to newly built house but it is not happened
In spite of all hardship she never curse her sons for not responding her request

My heart burns like a fire
I pore water on my head to settle that heart burning
but still it burns like a fire.

what do we benefit if we gain the whole world but lose our own soul!

I went to mosque to get relief from that
I pray God with tears
By the grace of Almighty I get relief from my worries

Only God can give us security.

It is reported that the Prophet’s last words were:

Prayer! Prayer! And fear Allah regarding those who you are in charge of.

Abū Bakr bin al-Jazā’irī states:

Among the wisdoms in the implementation of prayer is that it purifies and welcomes the worshipper to converse with  Allah and His Messenger, and, while he or she remains in the material world, brings him or her into proximity with the Divine in the next life and wards off indecency and manifest evil.

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